You’ll notice that in all of my past blog posts about how to successfully manage a youth soccer team, I haven’t said much about your relationship with your team’s soccer coach.  That’s because in my experience, if you do the things that I’ve suggested in my other posts (stay organized, communicate, get chummy with league reps, effectively delegate), you and your coach will get along just fine.

“But what if my coach is a tyrant or an egomaniac?” you may ask.  This series of blog posts is about surviving as a soccer team manager NOT dealing with difficult people.  My guess is that unless your coach is some sort of sociopath (If that’s the case, talk to your league reps. NOW!) being a competent and confident team manager will be enough to ensure a good or at least tolerable working relationship.

Don’t forget, while managing a team might be new to you, you’re a “great mom” (we established that in “Intro to Managing the Team”) with years of experience handling tough situations and challenging people with grace and assurance.  Call on what you already know in addition to the suggestions in the blog. Don’t worry. You’ve got this!