Trust me, at some point during your soccer manager career, you’re going to need help from the folks who run the league. While league structures vary, many will have a director, people who oversee the different divisions, and maybe even office staff.  It’s important to make nice with these men and women because you want them in your corner.

At the beginning of the season, send an email to your division rep introducing yourself, and thanking him or her for their service, if they’re volunteers.  At manager meetings, introduce yourself to league reps and compliment them on something you sincerely think they’re doing well. Always be proactive, gracious, and appreciative in your interactions with league people.

This isn’t “kissing up.”  I’m not suggesting that you falsely flatter, just that you build positive relationships with people who have the discretion to accept (or not) your late registration form or to accept (or not) your tournament fee after the deadline.  Get on the good side of league reps.  You’ll be glad that you did.