Like most modern families, mine is busy.  We’re scheduled within an inch of our lives. This isn’t the space to debate the merits of our harried culture, BUT if I were queen we’d have a 3-day work week and homework-free weekends (so I think you know where I stand).

With all the demands on our time, one of the things that I most appreciate is good communication from the folks making the demands.  As a soccer team manager, you’re one of those demand-makers.  You’re constantly asking people to do things like turn in registration forms, buy uniforms, come to practice, bring snacks, be at the game early.  Ugh!

Do your players and their families a favor:  Send clear, concise information about what you’re asking them to do in plenty of time for them to do it. And share any information that might help them do it more easily.  For example, if you know that the next game is at a field that is especially hard to find, mention this in the game reminder along with directions and the suggestion that folks give themselves extra time. If you know that it takes 3 weeks to get uniforms, share this with parents who might otherwise put off ordering until the last minute.

I use texts and emails to communicate with parents (and players when tween- or teen-aged).  I also really like TeamSnap, an online app, for sending practice and game reminders. It has a wonderful feature that allows players to indicate in advance when they will need to miss practice or a game. As you can imagine, this is important information for the coach.