As was mentioned in the post “Know the Important Dates,” one of the team manager’s most critical jobs is getting the team registered. But there are lots of other duties required to run a youth soccer team, and if you’re not careful, they will all fall on your shoulders.  But, they don’t have to and shouldn’t.  You’ll be a much happier soccer team manager if you learn to delegate.

I know some moms suffer from being control freaks and martyrs at the same time (maybe it’s just me, but I like to think I’m not alone in this).  We believe both “if you want something done right, do it yourself” and “don’t burden others with the crazy choices (like volunteering to manage the team) you’ve made.” Neither of these sayings is particularly helpful when it comes to running a youth soccer team.

Maybe it’s true–but probably not–that no one else can pump up soccer balls the way you can, but frankly, it doesn’t matter because you don’t have time to do it.  And you’re not the only parent who made the choice to support your child in playing on this soccer team. There are probably at least 10 -15 others, and you’re all in this pickle together.

So don’t hesitate to ask others to help out.  If you don’t, you run the very real risk of burning out, and that’s not good for you, your child or the team. And you may be surprised to find that parents appreciate being asked to help.

A few areas ripe for delegation:

  • Managing equipment
  • Maintaining the first aid kit
  • Organizing snacks
  • Being the team treasurer (This one is important.  The manager should not be the person handling team funds.)
  • Planning team celebrations