Soccer teams have to practice, and they need a place to do it.  Most jurisdictions have some process for securing practice fields.  Talk to your head coach and find out which fields he or she would prefer. Next, get in touch with the governing body handling field permits (it could be the recreation department, public schools, the parks department, or maybe even the soccer league), and apply for your field.

Depending on where you live and the process that’s in place, securing a practice field can be one of the easiest parts of your job or the most difficult. If you live in an area with a very active soccer community, procuring practice fields can be challenging.  Here are a couple of tips:

  • Apply as soon as possible.  The early bird gets the practice field.
  • Ask your coach for a couple of options for practice fields with the understanding that your team may not get its first choice. Having an imperfect field is better than no field at all.
  • Apply in person.  While many jurisdictions provide the convenience of applying for fields online, it’s been my experience that applying in person can be more effective.  You’ll get your questions answered in real time, and can make adjustments to your application on the spot.