You’re such a good mom.  Your kids never miss annual physicals. There isn’t a lick of high fructose corn syrup in your house. Your blindfolded two-year-old can make a bee line to the library’s kids section because you’ve taken him so often. You actually bake things, made by your own hands, for teacher appreciation luncheons.  You’re the best (yes, insert pat on the back here).

But, now you’re wondering, if you’ve gone a step too far.  Perhaps you were over-zealous.  Possibly, in a Starbucks sugar stupor, you were confused. Maybe you were tricked.   No matter how it happened, you’ve somehow volunteered to manage your child’s soccer team.  OMG.

But I’m here to tell you, from one reluctant soccer mom to another:  Like everything else, you’ve got this.

Sure, you don’t know offsides from offshore drilling. And you’re secretly delighted whenever practice is cancelled or you team forfeits. But none of that matters.  It’s not interest in or knowledge of soccer that makes for a good team manager (maybe it helps, but I wouldn’t know). All that’s needed to be a good soccer team manager are the same organizational skills, common sense, and caring–for people, not soccer–that make you a great mom.

In this first series of “The Reluctant Soccer Mom” blog posts, I’ll be sharing the top to-dos that helped this reluctant soccer mom thrive as manager of my daughter’s soccer team for three seasons.  I hope that these tips help you avoid a few headaches, maintain your track record as “best mom ever,” and actually facilitate the smooth running of your soccer team. Good luck and read on!